Tmx Transform Bolsters North American Presence With New Hires From Kroger And Chep Usa

TMX Transform Bolsters North American Presence with New Hires from Kroger and CHEP USA

TMX announces the appointment of Chris Michel and Jeff Wullenweber in North America.

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American Journal of Transportation


23 April 2024

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TMX Transform, the leading end-to-end supply chain consultancy serving global businesses, today announced the appointment of Chris Michel, former Vice President of Technology at Select Brands, as Director of Digital Solutions, and Jeff Wullenweber, a 24-year veteran of CHEP USA, as Vice President of Business Development.

Chris is a respected industry leader with a tremendous background in data, analytics, programming, and visualization. He brings a unique combination of technical expertise, practical application, and strategic vision to TMX, which will help solve countless challenges for our clients.

Jeff Bornino, TMX North America President

Michel brings over 17 years of experience aligning people, processes, and technology to deliver results, including nearly a decade of experience with Kroger, the world's largest grocer. Most recently, he spearheaded technology strategy at Select Brands, a full-service sales agency for consumer brands, focusing on developing reporting and analytical solutions in partnership with notable CPG brands. At TMX Transform, Michel will leverage his expertise in digital transformation and data-driven insights to assist clients in establishing supply chain strategies for growth.

On his new role, Michel said, "TMX Transform's dedication to offering end-to-end supply chain support, leading to ROI, aligns perfectly with my 'Swiss army knife' approach to the intersection of supply chain operations and technology implementation. Joining the TMX Transform team was an obvious choice, and I'm eager to help our clients drive business value through digital transformation."

Jeff Wullenweber joins TMX Transform from CHEP USA, where he managed the P&G and Kroger business development teams. In his new role, Wullenweber will lead support for TMX Transform clients seeking to optimize their supply chains for peak efficiency and value. Additionally, he will oversee the development and management of key relationships with U.S. customers.

"Throughout my career, I've been privileged to occupy positions at the forefront of supply chain innovation, a value deeply ingrained in TMX Transform's culture and DNA," Wullenweber said.

I am thrilled to join a company that has been an integral partner for multiple transformative supply chain projects for some of the world's leading brands, providing experienced vision, strategic guidance, and execution to deliver tangible business impact.

Jeff Wullenweber, TMX Vice President of Business Development

The company also appointed Nick de Klerk as Senior Director. De Klerk joins the North America team from Sydney, Australia, where he has spent the past four years helping clients manage large scale supply chain transformations from strategy development to automation design and on-site implementation, while leveraging advanced tools such as simulation to mitigate risk.

"Nick is a TMX Transform veteran who has delivered innovative solutions and tremendous value for our clients across the world from our Sydney, Australia office. I am excited and proud to welcome Nick to Boston where he will serve a key leadership role on our North American team," said Bornino.

Nick brings tremendous expertise in distribution center automation, distribution center and network design, and simulation, all of which are areas of interest for our North American customers.

Jeff Bornino, TMX North America President

"My experience working with TMX on a global scale has equipped me to support our strong growth in the Americas," said De Klerk. "I'm excited to bring a global perspective on best practices, spanning strategy to implementation, for successful supply chain transformations."

This article was originally published by American Journal of Transportation on April 23, 2024.

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