Network & Design Strategy


Supply chain strategy is about ensuring you are doing the right things for your business, while skilled network design ensures you have the right capability to best execute the right things.

The fast pace of business change means that supply chain management strategy and network need to be revisited regularly; the business graveyard is littered with companies that failed to keep strategy and network aligned.

TM Insight helps clients develop clear supply chain management strategies and design networks that strongly support the business strategy and best meet clients business challenges, now and into the future. Your partnership with TM Insight will set you up for success by connecting you with the market leaders in logistics, warehousing and supply chain management.

Our supply chain strategy development work focuses on:

  • Cost-to-serve and customer value modelling
  • Competitive landscape
  • Industry maturity curve
  • Disruptive SWOT
  • Detailed supply chain management strategy roadmap showing capabilities, infrastructure, processes, IT, sourcing and team structure

Our network analysis and optimisation modelling generates:

  • Number, size and locations of distribution centres and warehouses
  • Product mix by distribution centre or warehouse
  • Sourcing decisions for distribution centre and warehouse replenishment
  • Customer assignment to distribution centres
  • Supply chain management solutions including effective transportation, logistics and distribution models
  • Optimal customer service levels